The Inventives

Each episode of “The Inventives” features influential individual(s) behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to: fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. Viewers are treated to how these people build their business, their philosophies, views and goals, and also the struggles and challenges they are facing along the road of entrepreneurship.


You’ve heard Pasar Santa, right? A forgotten old market that suddenly filled with young creatives doing interesting activities from selling homemade noodles to a barista class. Substore, the brainchild of the newly wed Intan & Arya is the one who started it all. Few months ago when we shot this episode, there are only 2 stores open for business (the other one is ABCD Coffee), little did they know it only took months and Pasar Santa is now identified with Jakarta’s youth entrepreneur movement. Accompanied by good latte from ABCD Coffee, Intan & Arya shares their vision and hopes about their music store, gathering communities and local creative scene.