The Inventives

Each episode of “The Inventives” features influential individual(s) behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to: fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. Viewers are treated to how these people build their business, their philosophies, views and goals, and also the struggles and challenges they are facing along the road of entrepreneurship.

Sixteen Denim Scale (Game Changers Series)

One of the labels that started the local denim craze, Sixteen Denim Scale (previously known as 16 D’Scale or 16DS) has been successfully crafting quality product since 2005. Started from a family business, this brand find their unique perspective by using their family’s long lasting legacy. While the notion of combining old principals to modern looking jeans is nothing new, but Sixteen Denim Scale’s fusion of the two is surely one of the most successful.

The Game Changers is about people who through their passion in fashion can infiltrate our sense of style, create their own market and open the way to many others to follow their steps. Further more, these labels managed to accelerated the industry and even influenced the culture we’re living in.