The Inventives

Each episode of “The Inventives” features influential individual(s) behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to: fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. Viewers are treated to how these people build their business, their philosophies, views and goals, and also the struggles and challenges they are facing along the road of entrepreneurship.

#SELFIE: Sally Ann & Emily May

You can’t talk about young fashion photographers without mentioning Sally Ann & Emily May Gunawan. The siblings started to take pictures from high school and have been working in collaboration ever since, consistently releasing series of artworks that challenged ideas of beauty and human emotion. In this episode of “Selfie Series” they talk about what is it like to start working when they were still teenager, the philosophy of their works and how does it feel like working with your sister.

About #SELFIE series:

Everyone’s taking selfies now, right? Selfie has established itself a form of self-expression and we’re curious on how to explore this technique more than just to take picture of yourself with a smartphone.

The Inventives special “Selfie Series” feature 4 talented girls who works in creative fields. For each of them we handed an old handycam and asked them to record their daily life to interpret the interview we’ve done earlier. The results are a deeper and more intimate look into their life that almost feels like a visual diary.