The Inventives

Each episode of “The Inventives” features influential individual(s) behind local businesses or communities whose passion has made an impact. Local business and communities featured are from various fields, included but not limited to: fashion, culinary, lifestyle, music, and art. Viewers are treated to how these people build their business, their philosophies, views and goals, and also the struggles and challenges they are facing along the road of entrepreneurship.

Komikazer (Comics Series)

You may have never heard of Reza Mustar, but ask a teenager who’s Komikazer and there’s a big chance that they’re probably one of his 106,000 followers on instagram. Started by admiring GI Joe cartoon when he was a child, Komikazer combining a thoroughness observation of urban life with cynicism and young-adult humor, this formula seems to work very well as he already made his mark as one of the leading figures of the new wave social media comic artist. We came to his studio in Pancoran where he works – accompanied by his skateboard, vinyls collection and piles of underground comics – we talk about his inspiration, his view on traditional comic, and why he prefer to be called an artist.