The Casuals

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Yes, we do think RREC FEST In The Valley is the best music festival we’ve attended this year! Where else can you get 3 days camping experience while being surrounded by beautiful natural landscape, mind-boggling acts, and also numerous gripping activities from discussions, art exhibition, workshops, parties and crazy karaoke night in the middle of a valley?!! Watch the video and start planning to attend this event in 2016!


RRREC Fest in The Valley (RRR ITV) is once again held in Tanakita Camping Ground, Situgunung, Sukabumi; which is situated at the foot of Mount Gede Pangrango. This festival aims to be a fun and memorable weekend getaway arena, as well as a platform for the meeting spot of music festivalgoers, musicians, artists, local residents, and interdisciplinary public across the generations; in an intimate, pleasant, laid-back, and beautiful surroundings. We are certain that fresh, clever, and innovative ideas are commonly born in leisurely social gathering style atmosphere, as well as by having casual conversations that are spontaneous and natural. This festival is formulated to resolve the need for this kind of get-together