The Casuals

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QUBTV x Jakarta Biennale: Roadshow Art on the Spot (RAOS) at CFD

As an effort to bring art to wider audience, Jakarta Biennale 2015 created Roadshow Art on the Spot (RAOS) and try to embrace the crowd and touch the spaces they inhabit. One of the roadshow took part in Car Free Day event, where 3 comic artists: Hari Prast, Simon Hureau & Triwibawa “Cimot” Santosa do a live drawing on pink carts that resemble Jakarta Biennale’s logo. With one task to respond this year theme “Neither Forward nor Back” into a drawing, this activity grab many people attention as we found that many of them stopped, asked questions and some of them finally decided to join the artists and draw on the carts, surely a nice way to spend a Sunday morning.