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A Small Talk at Record Store Day 2015

Last week we went to Record Store Day Indonesia at Bara Futsal, Blok M. Theres already a long line of people who want to buy special releases for #RSDI2015, also bands like Marsh Kids, Mondo Gascaro, Rumahsakit, Bangkutaman, The Candies and Lightcraft are playing that day. Not only that, thereís a discussions with David Tarigan, one of the co founder from Irama Nusantara, an organization based on website streaming to appreciates old indonesian music from year 1930 to 1970. As the first day finished, we already exhausted for the second day of #RSDI2015,
Went on to second day of RSDI 2015, people who came to bara futsal are not too crowded. Tonight White Shoes will play along with, The Upstairs and The Milo. Those 3 bands are also releasing their physical release special for RSDI2015. Also, one of them are doing discussion between Felix Dass and records owner labels And here ís our greatest moment at RSDI2015. Enjoy!


Not only that, we were so lucky to have a small talk with The Milo & The Upstairs about their special release for Record Store Day Indonesia 2015. Enjoy!