Space Interrupted

Features musicians playing at unusual places. The aim is to offer an alternatives point of view for audiences to enjoy intimate music show apart from conservative TV shows, and also to documenting the local music scene. In each series different musicians will choose one unusual place (not stage or music studio) to perform. QUBtv will film the performance, (and at some moments) the interaction between the artists with unexpected audiences.



We haven’t heard a lot from Sajama Cut in the last few years. Intense and, on the surface, driven by Marcel Thee vision and his consistency to produce pop records, Sajama Cut is still one of the most intriguing local act around. With the release of their new album, Hobgoblin, they play an exclusive set for us at Thrive Motorcycle. Watch the videos where they played for the first time the acoustic version of their new songs: Fatamorgana and Curtains for Euro.