Space Interrupted

Features musicians playing at unusual places. The aim is to offer an alternatives point of view for audiences to enjoy intimate music show apart from conservative TV shows, and also to documenting the local music scene. In each series different musicians will choose one unusual place (not stage or music studio) to perform. QUBtv will film the performance, (and at some moments) the interaction between the artists with unexpected audiences.


Polka Wars, formed in September, 2011, in Jakarta. Polka Wars were initiated by four school friends, they are Karaeng Adji Putra (Voc & Guitar), Billy Aulia Saleh (Guitar), Giovanni Rahmadeva (Drum), and Xandega Tahajuansya (Bass). This time, they share two of their songs that will be included in their debut album called “Axis Mundi”. These two songs called “Horse Hooves” and “Lovers”, the video was took place at Kineforum TIM, and live exclusively only for QUBtv in Space Interrupted session, check them out!