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The Originators From Indonesia

Creative world nowadays are filled with many interesting people, not only in Indonesia, but also worldwide. This has led us to approach the people who already pursuing their career in creative world outside Indonesia. From that point on, we met Yarsep Hanedi (Yosse), the guy that designed shoes for Adidas. And then, we also interviewed Ivan Timothy Pras a.k.a Pras The Bandit who already flew to Singapore and began his career on street clothing. In this new Inventives series we will know a lot about their own perspective in creative industry, from what forcing them to always inspired, why they stay in creative industry, to what influenced them to make their own works. We welcome you to our new The Inventives Session, we introduce you with the greatest mind of creative business from Indonesia.

To see more of their work:

Yarsep Hanedi (Yosse) :

Ivan Timothy Prasetya :