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On each episode we ask our friend (or our crew) to choose a simple topic, hit the street and discuss it with random strangers. Watch how people define urban culture with their own ideas and quirks.

3 Young Jakartans Talks About Their “Jakarta Bombing” Experience

Those lyrics from The Smiths’ classic “Ask” seems suited on how the Jakartans feels on 14 January 2016. At 10:40 a.m.local time, several blasts followed by gunfire were reported to occurred in Thamrin area, Central Jakarta. The attack targeted a traffic police post, and a Starbucks coffee shop just few meters away. People were shocked. Images and videos of the bombings were quickly spread through social media and instant messaging apps, followed by news (that turned out to be hoax) that several other areas in Jakarta were under attack.

For a moment it felt like everybody in Jakarta were bonded together, hashtag #kamitidaktakut (#wearenotafraid) went viral to show support and send message to terrorists to not mess around with the Jakartans. But in just few hours, the fear and paranoia quickly replaced with delirious humour. Memes showing street food stall still conducting business near the bombing area or handsome police chasing down the terrorists suddenly replaced the frightening images before. And just the day after, all daily activities began to normal again.

We met with three young Jakartans that work around the bombing area in the targeted Starbucks (at their first day opening after the bombing) and talk to them about their experience that day, what they think about using humour as self defence mechanism and, do we moved on too fast?