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Indoestri Day #2

Indoestri Day is an event showcase that initiated by Indoestri Makerspace every each year. Their main aim is to gather the communities and to showcase Indoestri Class Workshop that also made by their sub division called SelfMade, these workshop were made for community of learners, makers and creative people. (Watch the video report here)

When we arrived at Indoestri HQ at Rawa Buaya (West Jakarta), we met the nice & energetic people from Indoestri who also take us for a tour around the facility. After that we join a project presentation from Indoestri called Made in Indoestri. Made in Indoestri is a collaboration project with one of the biggest crowdfunding platform from indonesia, This project run by team leader from Indoestri and divided by three level project, Small, Medium and Large. These project aim is to fixing the welfare around area west jakarta.

Afterwards, there is a discussion between Kompas and Leonard Theosabrata, one of the co-founder of Indoestri. The theme is how to engage community. The discussion went good and fun.

While people joining workshop class, we enjoying various products and foods from friends.

*written by: Sawi Lieu
*images courtesy of QUBTV