Good Vibration

“Good Vibrations” is a curated live music show. We do collaboration with gig organizer to choose the performance and film them in front live audience. We realized that nowadays there are so many artists with great live performance that haven’t been documented well, with this show we want to archiving all those dazzling performances and share with as many people as possible.

The Sastro

“Cult” is an appropriate word to use when describing the level of popularity The Sastro has attained. Play a different kind of pop – with lots of progressive nuance injected – than most of their contemporary counterparts, maybe has something to do why they never really break the mainstream.  Also, The Sastro have only released 1 album through their career, but what an album that was! Vol. 1 is a record that really matters to many indie kids back in 2005 and undeniably one of the best record that ever released from the booming IKJ music scene back then.

Commemorating 10 years of Vol. 1, The Sastro will re-release the album on vinyl format. We’re lucky to record their “warm up” performance before they take the stage once again at the release party (11 Oct at Yesterday Lounge) at ruangrupa supporting Ramayana Soul’s album launching. Catch this intimate performance and you’ll remember why we miss them so much.