Good Vibration

“Good Vibrations” is a curated live music show. We do collaboration with gig organizer to choose the performance and film them in front live audience. We realized that nowadays there are so many artists with great live performance that haven’t been documented well, with this show we want to archiving all those dazzling performances and share with as many people as possible.

Pengantar Minum Racun (QUBTV x RRREC FEST 2015)

Not many bands from the 80’s that are still relevant to the youngsters nowadays and until recently, Pengantar Minum Racun (or shortly known as OM PMR) were almost like a myth – we can still hear their songs but nobody knows what they are up to. But in 2014 out of nowhere they are active again and play mostly at underground gigs, which is really impressive considering their status as one of dangdut legend and pioneer in comedy music. With new fan base growing in each gigs, we witness how weirdly wonderful PMR’s gig is, from the charismatic vocalist Jhonny Iskandar play harmonica using his hair comb, exchanging dirty banter with one another and of course the music is still making the crowd going crazy (where else can you find people moshing in a dangdut gig?). Find out all that antics in this video. Enjoy!