Good Vibration

“Good Vibrations” is a curated live music show. We do collaboration with gig organizer to choose the performance and film them in front live audience. We realized that nowadays there are so many artists with great live performance that haven’t been documented well, with this show we want to archiving all those dazzling performances and share with as many people as possible.


Back in the days, IKJ (Art Institute of Jakarta) had their golden days by having good music such as, Bequiet, The group itself is a mixed of Henry Foundation (Goodnight Electric), an artist Reza Asung, Rizky Ekay and Jimi Multhazam (The Upstairs). The band formed in 1996 by listening to a lot of Thrash influenced like AMQA, The Dehumanizer and many more. This time they playing again in RURURadio live at Carburator Springs.