Good Vibration

“Good Vibrations” is a curated live music show. We do collaboration with gig organizer to choose the performance and film them in front live audience. We realized that nowadays there are so many artists with great live performance that haven’t been documented well, with this show we want to archiving all those dazzling performances and share with as many people as possible.


70’s Orgasm Club

Probably the grooviest live act in Indonesia right now. This Bandung based band offers high energy funk and blues music merge with rock ‘n roll sensibility. While they might not the first band who done that, they surely the best one. Sexy and fun at the same time.


Escape #3
Escape is an event organized by a young enthusiastic people at we.hum.collective. The concept is really simple, they just want to take an “escape” from the Jakarta’s craziness with listening to acoustic show. For the 3rd installment, held at Grand Indonesia, we.hum.collective collaborated with QubTV and features 70’s Orgasm Club, Titotessa, Young De Brock, Marcel Thee and special performance from Cekombak Project.