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Fun with Film, Musik, Makan

What could be more interesting to hang out with your friends while listening to nice music, sharing good food, and watching movie? You can found all of them in one event called Film, Musik, Makan. 

The event starts with a seminar from Buttonijo Films, a film production company based in Jakarta. From this seminar, Amir Pohan and Suryo Wiyogo introduced their own funding program. This program was made to support young filmmakers and inviting them to contribute and distribute their own film with Buttonijo. Check their website ( for more info.

Time already showed at 14:00 PM. Its time for a presentation from Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) with two guests speaker from Italy and France, who also work for TIFF. In this presentation, TIFF introduced their agenda for filmmakers who want to join the festival.

Went on to the main show, its time to watch four movies that made by our four filmmakers. They are Lucky Kuswandi (The Fox Exploits The Tiger’s Might), Yosep Anggi Noen (Kisah Cinta Yang Asu), Kamila Andini (Sendiri Diana Sendiri) and Eddie Cahyono (Siti). The theme of these movies are about Gender, Race Discrimination, Sex and Humanity.The session ended with discussion with the producers.

At the outside, friends from Irama Nusantara initiated with David Tarigan  playing various indonesian music from 60s to 70s Indonesia. People are having fun that day, At least that’s what we feel when we come to Film, Musik, Makan.

text by: Sawi Lieu