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Cabrini Asteriska

We had a little Q&A session with Asteriska after shooting her video for our Space, Interrupted (Watch the video here) and here is our discussion with her:

We really like “Khayalku”, what’s the story behind that song?
That song is about hope and yearning for someone from the past.

We heard that you’re recording a solo album. Can you tell me a little bit about the album? How’s the writing & recording process? What inspired you when recording the album and is there any particular theme about the lyrics?
Yes, the recording and mastering part are done, I’m just waiting for the release date now. I got help from a friend from US for this album, he also the one who triggered me to finish this album as quickly as possible. Almost all songs are written by me, except 1 song that I just made the basic for the music and let that friend of mine wrote the lyrics. He also revised the lyrics fro the other 6 songs with English lyrics, except for the one with French lyrics, that one I got help from my late French friend.
For the final music arrangement, many of my musician friends contributed for this debut album. I haven’t wrote a specific theme for the songs, but mostly they’re about lost, falling in love and missing someone.

You have lots of music projects (solo project, Bara Suara & few more), how are they affecting your creative process for your solo album?
In Barasuara I just contribute for the vocal part, so it’s not really difficult to divide my solo project with other projects. I have around 46-47 songs that I wrote since high school, so when it’s time to record an album I just to polish those songs and add a few new ones that suits the mood. For my mantra songs project, I do it more casually, I prioritize on my solo project and Barasuara.

If your music is a person, what kind of person would it be?
– Let it flow, maybe? Hehehe

On more random notes; if you can plan it, how would you spend your last day alive?
Gather in one place with all my family, close friends and the loved ones while having pizza & pasta party and listening playlist of my favourite songs.