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It’s your loss if you haven’t watched BITE’s performance in our Space, Interrupted show. Shot at High Fidelity Record Store in the basement of Pasar Santa, the videos are also their first promotion tools to launch their new album, May Day. After the album’s out, we had a little chat with Rebecca (vocalist) about BITE new album, their experience in making music, and Jakarta.

Can you tell me a little bit about your newest album? How’s the writing & recording process? What inspired you when recording the album? 

This is our second album, the first one was a self titled EP, and the latest one is an LP. The making of May Day took quite a long process, for about a year or more. The inspiration came from a lot of things that’s been going on in our surroundings.

All the members already in the music scene since years ago. Did you feel pressure at all to set BITE apart from your other/earlier bands?

We don’t think making and playing music will be a pressure, apart of all the different genres that we all have experienced with our other bands. The pressure would be more like not having time, or energy, or maybe money in the process of creating the music or the album.

Is there any particular song that’s your favourite in the new album?

For me, my favorites are Samaritan and Masuk Surga, and also Modus Operandi. Maybe it’s because I feel very lighthearted when singing those 3 songs. The music will simply drift me away, to slip the lyric out of my tongue.

Is there something about Jakarta that helps shape your music or influence you?

I think there’s a lot. it’s also because of the life of this city and its people’s behavior that has made us question a lot of things that became an influence or inspiration in making our music and lyrics. The love and hate situation of jakarta is shown by the tempo, beats, lyrics and the emotion of our songs.

If Jakarta was a person, what kind of person would it be?

It would be just like me, some might say mood swinger, some other say bipolar, can be calm & sweet at one time, and sharp & ferocious at other times. :p