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People know Anton Ismael as a commercial fashion photographer, who started his career as an editor in a lifestyle publication. Lately, he is also known as a passionate photo guru for his own Kelas Pagi, a morning photography class, begins at 6 AM and held four times a week for free.

But not so many people know that he is actually a good cook! As he cooked his delicious Mangut Lele, a traditional food from Yogyakarta, made of catfish with savoury, sweet, and spicy taste, which we ate like there was no tomorrow, this super talented mix media artist told us why he opened Warung Pa’e, a small food stall next to his studio, Third Eye Space in Cipete, South Jakarta.

“Initially, I cooked for my Kelas Pagi’s students,” said this 38-year-old certified chef and baker, who always cooks with noisy sound to uplift his students’ spirits.

Although he was in a very tight schedule that day, Anton, who managed his studio with the help of some in-house photographers and staffs, humbly provide his time for QUBtv to get to know him better.

We caught Anton Ismael’s Third Eye Space Studio and some of his works through these pictures. Enjoy!