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We sat down with Kunto Aji after shooting his Space, interrupted episode and talks about art, Indonesian Idol, and Kanye West.

Because we’re shooting in an art gallery, do you have any interest with modern art? What kind of art do you like?

For me, my music is an artwork, like a big canvas that painted with different colours and materials. So when I make an album, I’m not only think about the music, but also the concept, the visual art that make everything into one complete artwork. Even in song writing, I’m always looking for insight from different art medium; photography, film, art installation, painting, etc. So if you asked me what kind of art I like…everything.

What’s the biggest difference between being in Indonesian Idol and making+promoting your own music independently?

Hahaha, this is a good question. This question been bugging me lately. “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”. It’s a totally different ball game. If I can make a hypothesis, my previous career is like being a Multi Level Marketing agent, some people make it but mostly not, and the guy on top level are the one who’s making the most. My current career now after I have my own materials is like being a young entrepreneur who has a good product that can compete in the market, with innovative marketing strategy. Both of them have their own risks and advantages, but with all due respect to Indonesian Idol who introduces me to the music industry, I’m enjoying my career path more right now.

What’s the weirdest thing people say about your music/vocals?

People always labeling my music with the word: segmented. This quite saddened me to be honest, because it feels like degrading Indonesian’s taste of music. And I think my music isn’t that difficult. But I’ll prove that my work can be accepted by many people.

What’s the weirdest song you ever heard of? Why?

Actually I have lots of “weird” references hahaha, but I just recently heard Kanye West’s “Bound 2”. I’m not really a fan of his works. But I gotta say he’s a brilliant musician, and that song is so hard to digest, even for “indie” standard.

What’s your top 3 favourite films? Why?

I can’t imagine if I have to choose 3 films, so I’ll just pick the most memorable ones. The first one is Life Is Beautiful (directed by Roberto Benigni) because this film inspiring me a lot. Second, Memento by Christopher Nolan, I have to watch this film several times because it’s quite complicated. And the last one, Her by Spike Jonze, because it can projected the not too distant future with beautiful yet simple visual.

If you can form a boyband now, who’s gonna be in it? Why?

Johnny Depp, John Mayer, Oren Lavie. They don’t need to sing, I just want to know how it feels like working with them.