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A Bridge Between Polka Wars And Earth

Axis Mundi Album Review

Polka Wars were initiated by four school friends that formed in September, 2011, in Jakarta. They are Karaeng Adji Putra (Voc & Guitar), Billy Auliya Saleh (Guitar), Giovanni Rahmadeva (Drum), and Xandega Tahajuansya (Bass) just released their debut album “Axis Mundi”.

Axis Mundi, in philosophy means a bridge between heaven and earth. What were these guys thinking when named their debut album Axis Mundi? We can know more by listening to the album.

The album start with a track called “Mokele”. “Mokele” reflects as their powerful and energetic opening, we don’t know if they refer the title from the African monster loch ness or not, but this track is surely a banging. Then we move to “Alfonso” who sounded dark and have a ritualistic feeling in it. The song share the same mood with “Lovers”, we felt that “Lovers” is their most ballad track.

Next, we got “Top Gear” and “This Providence”. These two tracks are outstanding as well, we felt that the catchiness of these songs become their only character, not only that, Sigit from Tigapagi and Herald Reynaldo from L’Alphalpha are also contributed with them in these two songs.

The fun is not yet to stop, “Horse Hooves” is a good transition between, the listeners may invited to take a different experiences by their lush and ambient soundscape, makes us drowning in the big wave of sea.

Furthermore, “Tall Stories” maybe one that sounded different. What we love from this song is the structures and the guitar playing. The album end with “Piano Song”, a track that last for about 14 minutes and ended their glorius adventure from the earth to heaven.

Watch their Space, Interrupted session for “Horse Hooves” and “Lovers” here

*written by: Sawi Lieu